We design award-winning homes for a range of customers from attractive affordable homes to exclusive, privately owned contemporary penthouses. We were the first in the UK to introduce commercially viable retrofit designs and are working on a large scale estate redevelopment to benefit deprived areas and return to a community driven solution.

When we design we tackle building and social challenges at the beginning of the project including cost, security, outside areas, maintenance planning, attractiveness, and community engagement. We work with housing associations, local authorities, universities and contractors delivering the UK's housing needs for students, families, keyworkers, single people and the elderly.

View these projects: Master Gunners, St Agnes Place, Newington Butts, Brackenbury Grove, Dovehouse Court, Brackenbury Square, Thomas Road, Brenley Park, Century House, Streamlight, Horton Halls, Castledine Road, Harmony, Garden Lane, Effra Road

Senior Living

The care market is becoming more complex, with more choice and ever increasing specialisms. Our team design and build homes that respond to the changing aspirations and needs of residents, providing a comprehensive choice of homes for the senior person. Whilst independent living is encouraged wherever possible in a supportive environment, the traditional care or nursing home now has to address design requirements for dementia, learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries, and we have experience in all these evolving sectors.

View these projects: The Priory, Sunesis, Fremantle Court, Alice Bye Court, Girton Road, StepCare, Townlands, Trafalgar Court, Willow Close, Millbrook Lodge, Grassy Meadow


With a passion for delivering positive patient and staff feedback, our architects and designers make a difference. We have pioneered change in a range of patient environments in hospitals including Kingston and Homerton - addressing healthcare issues whilst developing financially viable designs. From estate strategies and planning to smaller refurbishments, we have healthcare experts making a difference to many people.

View these projects: Main Outpatients Department, Estate Strategy, Dementia Unit, Positive Lives Centre, Homerton Hospital, The Barkantine, St Augustine's Hospital, St George's Refurbishments, St Michael's


The truth is in the detail. We deliver high quality architecture and interior design for offices and hotels combining function with style to meet the needs of businesses. We can provide bespoke designs allowing our client's brand to shine through, giving it an identity. We deliver clear project plans and commercially viable solutions.

View these projects: A2Dominion Regional HQ, Huntingdon House, LEK, Our studios (Hunters), De Beers, Riding House Street


We design to inspire and create a sense of pride in the community. Our experts will tackle masterplan restrictions, transportation access, energy, waste and viability issues and other strategic thought. We deliver ideas and plans for estate and urban renewal or schemes with a mix of uses so that the spaces and buildings we design can be used and enjoyed by all.

View these projects: Bermondsey Spa, Copley Close, Eagle House, Evenlode, Excalibur Estate, Windmill Estate, St George's Grove, Ramsgate Street

Public Buildings

Our designs are inspired by the people who use them. We aim to create sustainable buildings and welcoming interiors that reflect the needs and aspirations of the communities using them. We give design solutions that are affordable and long lasting but give a sense of importance or delight to those who visit.

View these projects: Ashmole Academy, St George's Library, Twickenham Contact Centre, Rayleigh Weir Fire Station, St Michael's Community Centre